Sync Folders Pro App Reviews

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Needs a bit more GUI but gets the job done

The lack of a menu bar is a bit odd and the window very easily gets lost in the background of your other open windows, but it does what it claims to do and I’m happy wiht it.

Perfect for backups & ‘one way’ backups

I wanted a solution to backing up large video files that I work locally on my 512gb Mac without having to manually drag/drop to backup. with this tool I simply set my “movies” folder to backup to an external drive - then I delete files off my Mac and they stay on the backup drive, so not directly “syncing” as I removed files from my local drive. great tool! I use it to backup various folder as well - I have my Dropbox local folder backup to my main drive, and set it as a one way sync — so if I delete something off my dropbox but decide I want it later I can pull it off my main backup drive. thanks for making this great tool!

Using it for mirroring a Build System

That is, Jenkins, Gerrit+Git running in a Virtual Machine. The VM is being mirrored by Sync Folders Pro to other slaves — so in case of any issues, I can easily revive the Build System server in seconds. Tested, works great. Reliable. Developer, keep up the good work. :)

It had a lot of promise

The feature set was exactly what I was looking for to keep my two NAS drives synced. Unfortunately after having this program quite some time and trying many syncs I have yet to have a single successful full sync. It constantly hangs on one of the many steps but primarly deleting files eventhough I’ve set it to NOT delete any files or to move any deleted files to new folders. For some reason it still does it. I can not recommend purchasing this program until the many bugs are eliminated from this program. As I stated it has great potential but so far very poor execution.

It desn’t work!

This program simply doesn’t work. For starters the interface is anti user, there is no tutorial, the documentation is one long scroll of instructions. I even paid for the so called “pro” version which did not make any difference. I will try to get my $9 back but who will pay me for the hours I spent trying to make it work?

Bugs Bugs Bugs

Setup a Task, shut down that program after saving your work, and it will not be there once you log back in. The File Filters just do not work at all, I have put in hours trying to make them work. Do not waste your money

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