Sync Folders Pro App Reviews

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Works like a charm

The app works very fast in scanning folders and syncing. It lets you configure lots of ways of syncing regarding exceptions, folders, directions, etc. For me, it lets me automatically have the latest version of each file stored in my NAS or my laptop. I’ve had no problems (except my mistakes in configuration!) since I started using it a year ago.

Really useful for my needs

I bought it for 2 main reasons : - Synchronisation between my NAS and my other hard disks - But mainly, when I’m travelling, between my SD cards and 2 external disks to avoid any risk of losses. Before using this software, I had some problems causing a loss of information. Never after the use of Sync Folders Pro. The software is really not expensive and provide many options.

feature rich - great tool

The Pro Version is definitely worth it for me. Initially I was concerned as my Mac didn’t go to sleep any more while Auto Sync of 4 folders was active in the Pro version. I then contacted support and quickly received help (there is a setting in order to enable/disable sleep mode while Auto Sync is on). Cool! I use this sync for extremely large files across 2 external HDDs, where a time machine backup would just increase in terms of required space quickly and a change history of the files is not required except a 2nd copy of the current one… I personally don’t need a change list upfront as commented by s.o. else. The log file is sufficient showing changes afterwards - also with clear error signals if goes wrong (I had changed a folder name afterwards ;-) ) All in all it works out great for me - recommended!

Great App.

Sync Folders Pro has just about every feature you could look for. My needs were more modest and the app easily can addresses those needs. A very worthwhile app. I would like to be able to preview what is about to be synced, just to be safe the first few times syncing, so I will also be trying out Compare & Sync Folders.

Sync Folder Pro

This app is the easiest app to keep a backup of your information, just make a task then pick the folder you want to have auto backup and then a location you want to back it up to such as a external hardrive location easy. Let it run no problems


In terms of usability and price Sync Folders Pro is far best solution for sync any file anywhere. Sync Folders Pro is very versatile. It has a lot of customization options. I mainly use it to sync plugins and scripts of some applications between my two Macs on a shared folder. I also use it for backing up my kindle highlights file. Additionally, I use to backup my iTunes Media folder to NAS. There are multiple sync options available, so anyone can find a way to use SyncFolders Pro to fit ones needs. It keeps a detailed log, so user can check for errors, if any

Still not perfect

Very helpful must have app that overcomes MacOSs poor large number of files operations management but still imperfect. Minor but misleading shortcoming is a status screen: the status “Sync” tab ptovides confusing information that the new selected task i just being executed, while actualy it still exectues the another task. It could be really helpful to see what is currently going on: you see names of files but not the folder names, so you cannot react if something that you really did not wanted to happen occures. While you click execute the program should jump to the status tab and the “sync” tab should provide actual activity. No editable combo boxes are useful there especially that the app is busy at that time.

Working Fine For Me

I don’t have any issues with it and it’s doing exactly what I need it to. I am syncing two RAID’s over a network and everything is good.

Doesn’t work - several folders omitted from backup.

With no apparent reason, this software omits some folders from its backup process. I tried 2 different backup modes, to no avail. Don’t waste your money.

How do I give it more than five stars?

I could not possibly be happier! For years and years I have used softoBes FoldersSynchronizer to back up all of my important folders. I just got sick of it and all the hoops and ladders it required over the years to authorize it from the special file that had to be placed in the application folder to the current authorize Computer method. The straw that broke that poor camels back was the response I got earlier in the week asking if it was ready for macOS Sierra basically saying they were not sure as they hadnt tested it yet (after the official release from Apple)?! Yesterday I decided to search the Mac App Store for a possible alternative and came across Sync Folders Pro and as they say the rest is history! Not only is this exactly what I was looking for but so much more. If youre looking for the perfect way to back up all of your important folders from iTunes to Documents to Application Support folders I simply cannot recommend this enough!


This is the greatest app ever if you do any file and folder organizing AND it’s also a great backup app as well. I have 10 hard drives with hundreds of thousands of photos and movies alone and got to the point where I had copies scattered everywhere over many hard drives. This app saved me centuries of time trying to figure out what I had and where—there’s simply way too many files. I also use it to back up my home directory without deleting previously saved files that no longer reside on the main drive. The many choices of how you want to sync folders is remarkable and you can schedule it to keep folders in sync or backup or whatever it is you do. If you have a billion files of any kind and use multiple drives this is a must have app. The simple backup operation is really a must have too I would never rely solely on Time Machine.

This is a great app !!

I’ve been using Sync Folders Pro for sometime now and I can report this utility is very user friendly and useful. I use it to sync the home folder on my Mac with OneDrive. The process runs very smooth and you can rely that it’ll do what it’s supposed to without any problems. Very reliable indeed.

Worked well until recently...

I have used this app for some time without any issues, backing up a number of folders to a Drobo Network device. But recently th app is no longer backing up the folders correctly to the drobo Network drive, it has the continious apple rainbow ballon and locks up, then intermittently throws an error message saying the Drobo Drive is not available. I have checked the network and all is well. Other windows machines on the same network access the drobo netowrk drive wiht no problem, the drobo app reports no problems, and in finder the Drobo Drive is still active and fine even though the error message for Network Connectivity for the Drobo pops up. The only way to unlock the spinning apple ball on the app is a total reboot. Anybody know of another app that synchs folders? Frustrated with this one, because of this issue! Thanks, Jack

Great App

Fast, great options, easy to use, good documentation. Very good solution for backing up external drives.

Not for the feint of heart, but amazingly powerful. Reliable. UI isn’t too easy.

There is nothing in the program to tell you which mode you should use: A<=>B or A<->B or A<+>B or A+>B or A<+B or A=>B or A<=B or A-<B or A->B. Yet, this is the single most important setting. Really, the selection should be documented. And, the drop-down descriptions should be more obvious. Perhaps this part of the program needs re-thinking to be more clear. Also, it’s not really obvious that the first tab is one item from the list of items on the second tab. I was able to figure this all out because as it turns out I used this program under Windows 6 years ago. (What a surprise for me to find it.) Now, the program is superb. It works incredibly well. It’s really amazing. It is fast and reliable. It can sync up millions of files. It is a spectacular piece of work, which is why I still gave it 5-stars. The ability to do real-time syncing makes this just extra special and perfect for a data center where you keep replicated copies of files. So I would say this is a high-end proghram for experienced computer users. It’s an outstanding file synchronization app. But the user interface is mediocre.

Essential for safe data habits and very flexible.

Sync Folders Pro is well worth the money for making backing up data and synchronizing data across various platforms simple and reliable. It is easily able to synchronize folders between my local hard drive, networked Airport Disk, Drop Box and Transporter Sync volumes. This allows me to set up data redundancy between these platforms that allow access remotely. While you can supposedly do this through Terminal commands and Applescript, I found this to be a much simpler and more reliable way to set up recurring and scheduled synchronizations across these various platforms. It is also helpful in consolidating data that has been warehoused in various volumes to syncronize content so that a copy of everything is preserved in the location of your choice. The Sync modes take a little bit of figuring out at first, but the pro version allows significant control over what to copy and in which directions.

Be Very Carful With This App

Upon installing this on my iMac with Sierra I was unable to get it to work so I contact their support and got a prompt response. The resulting files that where synced to the new folder with zero bytes and they suggested some steps to try which didn’t work. They then suggest some Unix type commands and in the mean time the program had corrupted some of the originals to. I’ve decieded that they may of in the end been able to make it work but it’s more trouble than it’s worth. I expect a program to work and even if I have to contact tech support the fix should be easy and quick. Beware when you use it, make a back up of your originals first.

Good performance, excellent support

I backup my internal and external harddrives on a NAS (Synology) and it works well! The bug fixes and updates coem regularly, so the tool is improving. Questions to the support where answered immediately. I am happily impressed! Thanks for this nice tool!


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Top Leistung / TOP Support

Das beste Sync Programm das ich bisher gesehen habe (MAC). Für den schnellsten Support möchte ich mich beim Hersteller bedanken, innerhalb ein paar Stunden wurde ein Fehler behoben der jetzt noch nicht zum Downloaden bereit steht (V2.9.13). Emails wurden sehr schnell beantwortet, respekt. Die Software läuft sehr zuverlässig und schnell. Bei Änderung von Dateinamen oder auch Ordnernamen können diese automatisch gesichert werden, oder auch nicht, je nach wunsch. Was mich sehr freut ist der Datenvergleich der bei mehreren GB innerhalb ein paar Sekunden fertig ist. Der Performace verbrauch hält sich unter 0,09% im Bereitschaftmodus (CPU) und maximal 20% im Dauerbetrieb (CPU) bei 26 MB Arbeitsspeicher. The best sync program that I have ever seen (MAC). For the fastest support I want to thank the manufacturer within a few hours, a bug has been fixed which now are not yet ready for download (V2.9.13). Emails were answered very quickly, respectfully. The software is very reliable and fast. On change of file names or folder names, this can be backed up automatically, or may not, depending on the request. What pleases me very much of the data comparison is done within a few seconds at several GB. The Performace consumption remain below 0.09% in standby mode (CPU) and a maximum of 20% in continuous operation (CPU) with 26 MB of memory.

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